How to Make the Most of What’s Left in the Year: Revisit Your Goals

Happy October! Oh my goodness, can you believe there are only 3 months left before the end of the year?! As I think back to January 2016, when it was a brand spanking new year and everything seemed possible, I get a little panicky realizing I’ve fallen short in reaching a few of my goals.  goals


Can you recall what kind of resolutions and goals you set for yourself back in January?

Check back in with yourself, have you reached your goals? 

It’s okay if you haven’t! The important thing is that it’s not too late to make the most of 2016. We have a brand new month before us this week, so let’s set some goals.

Ask yourself this..

What were your biggest accomplishments last month?


What could have gone better?


What are your top 3 “to-achieves” for this month? For the year?


What steps will you take each week that will move you closer to achieving these 3 things?


Now look at your calendar or planner and put in reminders for yourself each week. Write your top 3 “to-achieves” in there too.


Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.    It’s not too late.

Remember that YOU are a #goalgetter! Just do your best and be consistent.

Here are my goals for the end of the year (in no particular order):

  1. Read 1 book a month (because personal development is everything!)
  2. Create a fantastic giveaway for you, my lovely readers, to make healthy living easier
  3. Finish crocheting some Christmas gifts (Yes, I have picked up crocheting as a new hobby– don’t judge me!)



>>>> Share your top 3 to-achieves before the end of the year (or for this month).