Will You Rock Your Resolutions This Year?

new year's resolutions

Well it’s finally here, a brand spanking new year! Hello 2016! Have you declared your New Year’s resolutions like so many of us do? At the start of the year, I bet you’re determined to get it right this time.  

You may know what your goal is and where you would like to go, but feel absolutely lost as to how you will get there so a few months down the road you toss your resolutions aside and give up.  You wouldn’t start driving to a destination without having directions right? So why do that when it comes to your goals? Here’s the thing about goals and resolutions, you can’t just expect to accomplish them without having a real plan. 

If you are like most Americans, at least one of your resolutions may have to do with losing weight or getting healthy and fit.  This is a great resolution, by the way, but the problem lies in the likelihood that you’ll fail at reaching this goal.  I was floored to read that only 8% of us will be successful at reaching our resolutions by the end of the year. That number makes me feel like I am destined for failure, right?! What makes it even more discouraging is knowing that this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve failed at reaching a goal I set for myself so why would this time be any different than my previous attempts? It’s also discouraging to hear others make negative comments about how resolutions are silly or how we are destined to fail at reaching these new goals.  

After feeling bad about myself for a bit, I picked my head up and had an internal talk. This year, I told myself, I will be in that 8%. I will be successful at reaching all my resolutions for 2016.  

Just imagine..

what if you actually achieved exactly what you say you want to achieve this year?


What if you were in the 8% too? Here’s to us & to being in the 8%!

That’s why I wanted to share something incredibly valuable with you today. These are my success tips for rocking our resolutions this year.


It’s not enough to simply have resolutions and dreams, you need a S.M.A.R.T. goal and a plan! Write down your resolutions, set a deadline, and map out an action plan. Writing down a goal makes it real and more achievable. Next decide what small steps you need to take over time to achieve this larger goal. Post all this where you are likely to see it daily, like your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

Reminding yourself of what you want and how you’ll get there keeps you motivated and makes you more likely to succeed.





Having the right tools and skills in your goal-getting arsenal combined with a desire to achieve will set you up for success. You already have the desire because it’s what triggered you to set your resolutions in the first place. Now you need the right resources! Become an expert in what it is you are trying to improve, change, or create. Books have always been a great help for me, as well as support from online communities (think facebook groups!). And whatever you might need a little more help in, there’s an app for that.  For health and wellness related resolutions, check out apps like MyFitnessPal, Lark, and Fooducate (there are endless others out there). Podcasts and YouTube videos can also provide a lot of great personal development and knowledge on a broad range of topics.  Immersing ourselves in the right mindset and community makes a world of a difference when it comes to conquering goals and sticking to a plan.  



The biggest reason people fail at accomplishing their resolutions is because they lose motivation. The only way to stay motivated is to motivate yourself daily. Set smaller, daily goals for yourself, as well as larger milestones. Accomplishing these smaller steps makes the bigger, overall goal feel more achievable and less overwhelming.

Remembering your goals, continuously progressing toward reaching them, surrounding yourself with positive support, and strengthening your self-confidence must become DAILY habits if you want to WIN this year.




Over the next 12 months, we will come across obstacles and circumstances that are just out of our control. Please remember that although you can’t control the circumstances, you can control your reaction. It’s easy to quit and walk away the minute things get difficult and uncomfortable, but what if this time instead of walking away we decide to try, try, and try again? If you get off track, forgive yourself.  This is easier said than done, but I’ve learned that forgiveness has allowed me to turn a setback into a comeback many times.

If you’re original plan just isn’t working with your life at the moment, take a step back from the situation, reevaluate your reasons for setting a specific goal, review your action plan, readjust and refocus as needed. These are your dreams, your intentions and your resolutions so change them as you please! The journey toward reaching a goal is often more important than the goal itself and you are in the driver’s seat so enjoy the ride.

Enjoy that journey, learn from it, find strength in it, and be confident that there’s a huge prize waiting for you at the end of it.



Good luck in keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Remember to take it one small step at  time toward reaching your goal.  Make a plan and plan to stick to it.  Find the right resources, make it a daily habit, review and readjust as needed.  

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet and be in that 8% together! 



If you need a little help to keep your resolution or improve your health and wellness, I would love to guide you on this journey.  As you know I offer free short-term group sessions periodically throughout the year and free 30-minute discovery calls. I invite you to join me for a chat to see how we can work together to accomplish your resolutions this year.


Believing in you,



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