How to Make the Most of What’s Left in the Year: Revisit Your Goals


Happy October! Oh my goodness, can you believe there are only 3 months left before the end of the year?! As I think back to January 2016, when it was a brand spanking new year and everything seemed possible, I get a little panicky realizing I’ve fallen short in reaching a few of my goals.  


Can you recall what kind of resolutions and goals you set for yourself back in January?

Check back in with yourself, have you reached your goals? 

It’s okay if you haven’t! The important thing is that it’s not too late to make the most of 2016. We have a brand new month before us this week, so let’s set some goals.

Ask yourself this..

What were your biggest accomplishments last month?


What could have gone better?


What are your top 3 “to-achieves” for this month? For the year?


What steps will you take each week that will move you closer to achieving these 3 things?


Now look at your calendar or planner and put in reminders for yourself each week. Write your top 3 “to-achieves” in there too.


Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.    It’s not too late.

Remember that YOU are a #goalgetter! Just do your best and be consistent.

Here are my goals for the end of the year (in no particular order):

  1. Read 1 book a month (because personal development is everything!)
  2. Create a fantastic giveaway for you, my lovely readers, to make healthy living easier
  3. Finish crocheting some Christmas gifts (Yes, I have picked up crocheting as a new hobby– don’t judge me!)



>>>> Share your top 3 to-achieves before the end of the year (or for this month).






47 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of What’s Left in the Year: Revisit Your Goals

  1. Funnily enough, this post served as a reminder to me that I’ve actually achieved more than I’d realized. It can be so easy to think we haven’t accomplished much. I came up with a word I wanted to cultivate this year: empowered. I also had a goal of reducing hours at my job, where I feel undervalued. I’ve accomplished that and may even replace the entirely (with a new one, or freelance projects), by the end of the year. That’s my new goal, and it may must be in my sights! Eeee!

  2. I cannot believe that it is October already! This year has just flown by! I honestly cannot remember if I had set any goals for myself this year. At the end of last December I had just had a baby and I was more focused on being a new mommy. I think I will be more prepared this year though. Ha ha. I love your goals. Reading is my favorite past time!

  3. I love this! My goals are in my head AND on paper next to my desk so I see them every day – it helps me actually accomplish them because they’re constantly on my mind 🙂 Good luck on finishing your goals in the next few months!

    • I recently started writing my goals on paper and placing them in where i see them daily (on my computer) so I am constantly reminded of what to work towards.

  4. I’m so happy that I stumbled on your website. You certainly know what you’re writing about, and you made me feel like I
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  5. I loved this exercise! Here are my 3 goals for October:
    Come up with an opt-in freebie for my mailing list.
    Finish my Food Photography Course.
    Save Money For My Trip To Leavenworth With Jarod (my boyfriend).

    Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂

  6. Jenine,

    I love the way you presented this method of reframing our goals to get ourselves back on track. Each year I am amazed at how fast it goes! But I am committed to making my goals a reality this year. I love your tip of putting the reminders and the list of top three things to achieve in our calendars each week! I definitely want to implement that 🙂

    My top three before the end of the year:
    1. Dedicate Sundays as self-care days
    2. Journal once a week
    3. Launch my first freelancing service December 2017

    • Self-care is soooo important! And I bet you’ll find your even more focused after dedicating some time to yourself. Good luck on reaching your goals and especially, on launching your new service.

  7. I love this idea. I really do need to go and and do a 3rd quarter blog review. I think I’ll put that on the calendar. I love how you broke this down. Biggest accomplishments. Blogher 16, Releasing my email course, creating my resource library.

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    • We all feel that way every now and then. It helps to refocus by revisiting old goals and adjusting our next steps. Good luck to you 🙂

  9. My goal was to read 8 books this year and I’m on number 10! I bought yarn and needles in which i hope to teach myself how to crochet, I’ve got the first stitch down, haha. I wish you well!

    • I started learning to crochet this summer. YouTube has some very helpful videos. I’ve mad an adult hat, two baby hats and working on some slippers now!

  10. Great reminder. I realized I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to accomplish but I did accomplish some things I didn’t really think I would. The reevaluation is a good thing. Helps to put things in perspective.

  11. When you realize it’s October, and you only have three months to finish the year….Oh vey. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve realized how far I’ve come, and that I still have so much I want to accomplish because of this exercise!

  12. I NEED to finish my daughter’s Christmas stocking- it’s so far from finished. I remember writing some of my goals down this year. I do remember one was to take take more selfies in an attempt to become happy with my appearance as it changes from pregnancy to Mommy-of-Two. Thank you for the reminder!

  13. The only goal I have been consistent with since Janurary is my personal development goals! I’ve been reading at least one book a month!

    • Good for you. I’m big believer in the importance of personal development. I try to get in at least 10mins every day in some form.

  14. It’s funny you say that because I feel like I am nowhere near the goals I set. Although life has changed so much since January. I guess that is what happens. Life changes and my goals have changed completely!

  15. I can’t believe the year is already almost over!! I have to admit I haven’t been doing a good job focusing on my goals. I’ve been so busy trying to be consistent with my blog and finish my master’s degree.

  16. I think this is really important. I sat down yesterday to redo my goals so that I can make the most out of my year. I have some things I have been putting off that I need to do!!! Thanks!

  17. We only have 3 months left but we need to make the most of these 3 months! I have started doing monthly check ins for my goals, broken them down into weeks, and then have daily goals listed in my planner. It gives each day a purpose and allows for me to have small victories.

  18. Oh my goodness, you are going to make me think! Lol. It’s a good thing though. I am a big goal setter, but I really haven’t taken out my new year goals since then. Thank you for the inspiration to do that.

  19. Reading more books was one of mine as well! I signed up for Book of the Month and that’s been awesome at keeping me on track. My current goal is to average at least 100 page views a day…and to get started on Pinterest! Basically, blog self improvement haha.


  20. Thanks for sharing this! I am going to really have to go through my New Year’s goals that I set at the beginning of the year to see how far I’ve come. The year has really been flying by.


  21. This is a great exercise to regroup and make the most of the rest of the year. It is kind of like a jump start on new year resolution and goals in my mind 🙂

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