Keep checking back for more healthy food ideas like easy meal recipes, juices/smoothies and quick snacks!

Here I am sharing simple and affordable recipes & ideas to help you start and stay on track with your health.

Remember, you are what you eat.  Everything we choose to put into our bodies does affect our health so it’s important to be mindful of fueling up with nutritious, delicious, healthy food.

“The Hurricane” – Beet Juice Recipe

(perfect for fall, low in sugar, great as a snack or pre-workout fuel)



Sweet Potato Juice Recipe 

An anti-inflammatory, nutritional powerhouse that’s perfect for fall. 


Balsamic Roasted Carrots 

(simpLe, healthy side dish to help you add color and veggies to your plate)

Carrots recipe






This easy gluten-free, vegan ramen recipe is a must-try! I couldn’t believe how incredible it tasted and how easy it was to make. 

ramen recipe