How to Get Your Fitness Groove Back

How to Get Your


Recently I found myself in a serious health and fitness slump lasting several weeks. Oopsy! It happens. There had just been so much excitement lately and I was grateful for every minute of it– traveling, hosting guests, celebrating, and just life in general! Life gets busy. That’s just a fact! But how does one stay healthy when they’re so busy? How do you pull yourself out of a slump? I’ve learned it’s important to live a little, not take yourself so seriously and find YOUR version of balance. 

The old me would have freaked out and felt guilty for getting a little fluffly and “slipping up”. New me (balanced me) is more forgiving. Instead of cutting calories like crazy or doing extreme exercise to try to mitigate the damage, I re-focused and re-motivated myself. The hardest part about getting back into a health and fitness routine is the actual getting started part. We all know WHY we should adopt these healthy habits, but just can’t seem to work up to taking action. That first step is THE most difficult, but once you take it the momentum begins building up. It may feel like your momentum is dead and gone, but you absolutely can bring it back to life.


Here’s what I do to pull myself out of a slump & get my groove back–

Get Inspired baby!

I am a very visual person so I’m very inspired by photos. Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube really help spark my fire. So while it doesn’t help burn calories, it will get you into a better mindset. So scroll away and pin that sh*t. I’m also very big on reading so I enjoy checking out other blogs and news related to the wellness arena. Reading other people’s’ stories especially motivates me to get off my tush and get back to those healthy habits asap. And a killer Spotify playlist helps get me in the right mood to get moving and be active. 

Be warned, however, that sometimes images online and in the media have negative effects on us. They might actually make us feel bad about ourselves because we think we have to aspire to these false body images. If you find yourself feeling this way then redirect to more encouraging forms of media or just avoid this step altogether.

Check out one of my previous posts for more on finding inspiration and getting motivated.


Weaning off the addictions..

All those biscuits, chocolates and pizzas taste soooo good they become addictive. One of the toughest things to overcome after I’ve gone on a bender are the cravings! It’s amazing how quickly the body becomes addicted to the sugar, salt, fat and chemical additives of foods. Choosing a spinach salad over a warm burrito suddenly becomes a ridiculous thing to do. At this point, I just give in to the cravings…if it’s convenient, that is! So I make it very inconvenient. First, I clean out my cupboards of anything unhealthy or foods I tend to binge on (goodbye tortilla chips, see you later almond butter).  Second, I make it a point to eat out only once (max twice) a week. Ensuring that most of what I consume is homemade will already help me eat a little better.  And once I add consistent exercise back into the equation, things start to get a lot more comfortable and controllable.


Getting my fitness groove back..

Consistent exercise makes me a better person. For real! We all know that nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20% of our results, but the two are so very connected. When I workout, I feel better about myself which in turn, makes me want to fuel my body with nourishing, healthy foods. Boom! That’s where the magic happens. This works for me because I want instant gratification. Working out instantly makes me feel better and confident about getting back on track.  When I slip up, I always focus on finding my exercise routine again, THEN I work on nutrition. It works best for me this way, but you might find a different “formula” for yourself.  


Once I’m inspired, I find a little motivation. I take that tiny bit of motivation and exercise. At first my workouts are short and I kinda hate it but I come back the next day, and the next, until it becomes a habit again. I start building up that momentum and feeling good, remembering how awesome I feel after a good sweat sesh. Then I slowly start becoming more conscious of my food decisions because I like feeling this good and I don’t want to undo that. Day by day I keep up with the exercise, the nutrition, and keep the fire burning with positive inspiration. Sure, things come up in life and I get off track but I don’t drown in guilt or punish myself (and neither should you).

Always remember to just go back to basics until you find that groove again.


Your Turn

I would love to know how you maintain YOUR balance. How do you get your groove back after a setback?  We stand to learn so much from each other so share, share, share! <3


If you’re struggling with finding your way to a healthy routine shoot me a message. I reply to all of my emails and love getting to know my fellow readers & help them find easy solutions to their challenges.



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15 thoughts on “How to Get Your Fitness Groove Back

  1. What a great post, as I think we all struggle to maintain that balance no matter how fit or focused we are! I just know that when I don’t make the time to workout, I don’t feel good physically or emotionally. There will always be excuses, but we can make time for what’s important, I think.

  2. Oh boy! I needed to read this post! I graduate from college in 4 weeks and will be heading out for a year long road trip as soon as college is over. I really need to get my fitness groove back before I let my business distract me from my fitness goals more.

    • Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. A year long trip sounds amazing! I love to travel, but I understand how hard it can be to stick with a healthy lifestyle on the road. Making it a habit now will make it much easier to maintain later. Good luck 🙂

  3. I am in need of getting back on track with my health overall. I let things slide the last 6 months because of my other commitments. I’ve been getting better with eating healthy, but now I need some major inspiration for fitness. I’m always searching Insta and Pinterest for fitness inspiration. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Glad you enjoyed this post Kiara. Have you thought about joining some group fitness classes? YouTube has some great workouts that are easy to follow too. Good luck with your health and fitness journey and let me know if I can support you in any way. 🙂

  4. I’ve been in a slump for a few years now, and I’ve been trying to get back in my fitness groove and feel great about myself. Thank you for writing this post. I feel a little bit more motivated to actually do something.

    • I’m happy to hear that you found some motivation from this. If you ever need someone to bounce your thoughts off of and help you get started I’m here for you. -xo Jenine

    • I fall into that funk too where you think your getting a workout in, but your really just going through the motions. Maybe it’s time to spice up your workout routine with a different form of exercise?

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