Cough and Cold Remedies

cough and cold remedies

I am almost half way through training for my very first half marathon, but this week I worried that my training would hit a bit of a roadblock.  I caught a slight cold & have had some sinus congestion.

 It’s pretty annoying running with the sniffles and congested sinuses but I took it easy, took extra rest days, and ran at a slower pace.

I try my best to keep my immune system strong and rarely get sick, but hey sometimes it happens (especially when people around you have been sick).  I’ve been focusing on taking care of my body to speed my recovery as much as possible.  I find that using holistic remedies helps me bounce back rather quickly and so are always my first line treatment, but there have been times where I need to get back to work asap, have an event to attend, or travel plans and over the counter (OTC) products are needed too.

Most people think they need antibiotics right away when they have a cold, but let’s clear that up right now.  A cold is a virus and has no cure— all you can do is treat the symptoms or prevent it altogether.  It passes easily from person to person through handshaking and droplets spread through air from sneezing or coughing.  This is why hand washing and covering your mouth when coughing/sneezing are critical healthy habits to adopt, friends. To keep your immune system strong, prevent illness, and fight colds faster I always try my very best to get enough rest, stay hydrated, and nourish my body with good nutrition.  These three things become ever more important when your body is fighting off a virus, so keep that in mind.  Here’s what I’ve been doing to fight this cold & sinus attack the last few days…

Morning “flu” shot |

I use a large shot glass, filled with half water and half apple cider vinegar (with the mother). I add a dash of cayenne pepper for extra sinus relief. 

Apple cider vinegar is known to have several antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties.  It’s useful for many things, but in this situation specifically, it is great for soothing a sore throat, mucus and sinus congestion.  

| “Feel Better Fast” tea |

Make a paste using organic, unfiltered honey + turmeric + ginger + cinnamon + cayenne + lemon juice = mix it all up

{ honey, lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne }

{ honey, lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne }

Make your favorite hot tea ( I usually go for roasted dandelion or green tea), allow to cool, then add the honey mixture & enjoy. These ingredients combined are a cold fighting powerhouse & it tastes good too! 

| Go for Green Juice & smoothies |

Mean Green Juice

Be sure your juice has more vegetables than fruits in it)—> All vegetables ( especially green & cruciferous ones like broccoli and kale) contain protective micronutrients and phytochemicals that naturally strengthen the immune system. 

| Supplement with Vit C and Zinc |

You can easily consume vitamin C through eating dark leafy greens, broccoli, bell peppers, kiwis, citrus fruits, and berries. Stock up on foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts, beans, mushrooms,and cacao for extra zinc.

Using these remedies I’ve been able to continue my half marathon training even with this cold & sinus congestion.  I hope you enjoy these remedies as much as I do. This is prime cough and cold season so be sure to adopt healthy habits to keep your immune system strong.  If you have a go-to home remedy for a cold please share it in the comments. I love learning about what others are doing.  

Wishing you a healthy, happy week!  



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