Favorite Healthy Living Tips & News of The Week- 4/20/16

Welcome to my weekly wellness roundup of interesting things to know related to health living, there is so much information out there but so little time to take it all in. Now you can get the top tips and news related to healthy living all in one spot!

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10 Tips for Stunningly Gorgeous Skin –  via KrisCarr blog

It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health. The products we use on our skin are easily absorbed into our bloodstream, thus have an impact on our well-being. Kris Carr shares her natural skincare and beauty tips in this week’s blog post. She even includes a link to the EWP’s database where you can look up some of your favorite beauty products and see what their toxicity rating is!

“Beauty isn’t shallow when it comes from the inside out.”~Kris Carr


Why You Should Instagram Every Meal – via ThriveMarket blog

New research is indicating that posting food pics actually makes your food taste better! Steve Holt writes that “consumers who took photos of foods they perceived to be healthier before eating them rated those foods higher than consumers who didn’t take a photo.” So maybe if you’re not a fan of a certain “health food”, say broccoli for example, taking a beautiful photo of it on a plate may make you more likely to enjoy eating it, maybeee? What do you think?


Silent Killers of your Metabolism—via Infographic Journal

This is a pretty cool infographic on how factors like stress, sleep deprivation, toxins, and excess of sugars are not only slowing down our metabolisms, but contributing to this country’s increasing obesity trend. Check it out to increase your awareness and learn about the simple steps you can take to revive your metabolism and revitalize your health.


Plyo Circuit Workout– via Popsugar

This is a challenging set of plyo circuits you can do at home with no equipment. My current workout routine is mostly weight lifting with some yoga. I was looking to do something different at least one day a week. That’s when I stumbled across this gem of a workout. I encourage you to try it out. It’s tougher than it looks, but definitely a great workout to incorporate into your usual routine.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly wellness roundup of my favorite healthy living tips and news.

What was your favorite article?

What else did you learn this week related to healthy living?



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