Are Superfoods Necessary or Overrated?

Can you supercharge your diet without Superfoods? Are they really that important, or just overrated? I’m talking about all of that in today’s blog post and including a little goodie for you at the end. 

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When I started my health journey about 4 years ago, the superfood label was very attractive. I was under the impression that these so called “superfoods” were the magic answer to improved health and weight loss. As I learned more and more about plant-based nutrition and functional medicine, I realized that this wasn’t so true.

But first let’s break it down for a minute and define a superfood. According to the dictionary, there is no definition for it. It doesn’t exist. That’s because we made it up as a health buzzword.

Now let’s check a less reliable source– urban dictionary.  Here the definition of a superfood is  “A common marketing buzzword that refers to any foodstuff that isn’t an artificial amalgamation of corn syrup and hydrogenated oil.”

In conclusion, the non-official and non-scientific definition is that they’re foods with some of the highest levels of vitamins and minerals. I don’t know about you, but going by this definition all fruits and vegetables are essentially superfoods!


Are Superfoods worth it?

Popular superfood items like goji berries, acai, reishi powder, and others, are pricey and you may be wondering if they’re worth your hard earned dollars. The short answer is probably not.

While these “super” foods have the highest concentration of certain nutrients…. Eating the right foods, the kind that are nutritionally dense, provides a balanced intake of all vitamins and nutrients needed. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about supplementing with overpriced, often overrated superfoods.

There are some affordable swaps you can make instead. Here are just a few…

  1. Goji berries:  Raspberries and blueberries have just as much antioxidants and fiber as goji berries. They actually have a lot less sugar, too.
  2. Cacao powder: While this is one of my favorite superfoods, it can be expensive so I often opt to just grab chocolate with 80% cacao content.
  3. Maca powder: This adaptogen root is great for hormone balance, energy and stress management but you can try chia seeds instead! They contain omega 3 fats, fiber and are a complete protein which will provide similar benefits to maca.

Superfoods will never counteract an unbalanced lifestyle lacking in fruits, vegetables and regular exercise. They’re a fantastic supplement to a healthy lifestyle but cannot make up for consistently unhealthy habits.  

Before you invest in superfoods, be sure to invest in mastering good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.



You can’t add one great thing into your diet ( i.e., a specific superfoods) while continuing to have lifestyle habits that are harming your health long term.

To a person who eats a balanced plant based diet abundant in fruits and vegetables, there actually aren’t any specific superfoods; And for the person who does not eat this way, no superfood can heal them.


I would love to hear your thoughts about superfoods.. 

What are your favorite superfoods and how do you incorporate them into your diet? 


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